St Pats Day 2006 - Topeka KS

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March 17, 2006
St Patrick's Day
Topeka, KS

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Carson (left) and Isabel (on dad's lap) Dinwiddie wait with dad, Jeremy Dinwiddie, for their turn in the parade.
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The old Penwell-Gabel hearse struggled a little trying not to get too close to the loud staging traffic.
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After the parade, it's off to Donnie's bar and grill... ...and then to the Celtic Fox where Mike Fox and crew were kept incredibly busy all day. Irish Karaoke at the Fox in the afternoon
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Char runs the karaoke "Rowan" enterains at the Jayhawk Towers
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and the kids had a blast dancing Doug Jones shows off the latest in shamrock tattoo attire Eileen Coughlin and son, Shane, enjoy the day
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seems like everyone was decked out in St Pats necklaces Ceili Dancers
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