St Pats Day 2006 - Topeka KS

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March 17, 2006
St Patrick's Day
Topeka, KS

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Steve Fox (left) and Greg Fox start the morning out at the Celtic Fox downtown Topeka serving drinks and breakfast. Cheryl Whitman, Maura Dingman (Topeka St Pats webmaster), and Eileen Coughlin (St Pats committee member) get an early start at the Celtic Fox
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Waste Management Group and the "Waste Brigade" Topeka St. Patrick's Day Band Topeka Jayhawk Club
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Topeka-Tecumseh Fire Department
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Mike Fox & Brad Murray in Mike's very cool '67 Corvette The Celtic Fox Leprechaun - Billy Mason
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Some didn't come very prepared for the cold Barney Heeney & Grandkids
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Martinek and Flynn Siding's funny little car
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Walsh Family
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Reilly Family
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Interesting illusion from the hot air balloon light up makes the Capitol Building appear on fire. Pat Finan, Chairman of the Topeka St. Patrick's Day Committee, said it was the largest parade in the 27 years of St Pat's parades.