St Patrick's Day 2009 - Morning Events
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St Patrick's Day Breakfast
The Celtic Fox Irish Pub
Great Topeka Bed Race
9th & Kansas Ave

photos by Danl Blackwood
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Sharidy, Ian, Molly, and I (taking the pic) started the day with TJ, Megan, and Morgan for breakfast at The Celtic Fox. They were serving biscuits and gravy and BEER! the place filled up fast
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then we headed off to the Bed Races. Hey! Where's Ian?! Oh, there he is! The the first annual Great Topeka Bed Race was held on 9th street between Kansas Ave and Quincy
dscn0083.jpg dscn0084.jpg dscn0085.jpg dscn0086.jpg
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The Topeka Civic Theatre team (Little Shop of Horrors on the left) won most creative award. Contestants raced in heats of two... ... down to Quincy... ...the bed rider then changed into pajamas, and then raced back.
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They had entertaiment between races.
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Lindsay Shivley and Dave Johnson of WIBW were the MCs.
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Westar team (left) won for the fastest time. There were three judges (the folks sitting on the stage). The turn out here was a precursor for the huge crowd to show up at the parade.
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...and then more entertainment after..
dscn0264.jpg dscn0281.jpg dscn0279.jpg dscn0283.jpg
Then we headed back to The Celtic Fox to hang out before the parade. Hy-Vee serving food on Kansas Ave Bought a couple trinkets from these folks before they were shut them down for not having a permit.
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folks at The Office (formerly Donnie's). and inside The Office The Celtic Fox filling up fast

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